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Pastiche by In the Beginning 1jyg4
This is the latest from Jason Yenter and In the Beginning Fabrics.
A pastiche is something that imitates,celebrates and/or incorporates several elements from a variety of sources. These fabrics draw influence from Europe and Asia, from Impressionist painting to even abstract works of art.
You will love them!

Purse Clasp Book Zakka worship
Zakka Workshop
We have just gotten one of the best coin purse and bag books we have seen in a while.
There are 14 patterns in the book and each uses a specific hardware. The book actually has two of the frames included so you can get started right away and then study to book to order other frames.

Authentic by Moda 5670 12
Moda Contemporary Black and Whites
We have received Moda’s Authentic by Sweetwater. We love the touches of lime with the black and white. Hope you will love this one too.
We have included here another favorite of ours from Moda, Thicket. This collection has black and white as well as black and off white. The darling animals are in the black and off white. Take a look!

Winter Twist Quilt from In the Beginning
Winter Twist from In the Beginning Fabrics
Jason Yenter has created a wonderful new version of an old favorite. He has introduced the Winter Twist which will become your favorite Christmas Quilt.
Check out this new quilt kit as well as the individual fabrics.