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Hand Stitchery
Hand embroidery is a great way to slow-down and relax a bit. We like the simple, yet elegant imagery and sentiments found in many hand stitchery designs. This page features our hand embroidery books and patterns as well as some quilt patterns that showcase hand embroidery designs. (Please note, if you are looking for wool hand work, click the Wool Stuff link on the left menu.)

Crab-apple Hill Whooterville
Sku #: 310032
See close ups of the stitchery on the details page.
Crabapple Hill hand stitchery pattern
You will trace this pattern and hand stitch the 8 different owls. There are instructions to complete the quilt as pictured
Finished size 69" x 69"

Price: $27.98 each plus shipping

Embroiderer's Blessing pattern
Sku #: 170412
Here's a delightful gift idea for your stitching friends. Stitch this floral embellished Embroiderer's Blessing on a tone-on-tone neutral or a tea-dyed fabric for an elegant look.

Price: $9.98 each plus shipping

Twelve Days of Christmas stitchery pattern
Sku #: 300592
Click here to view additional images.
By Crab-apple Hill
The Twelve Days of Christmas Tea Towels stitchery pattern includes 12 numbered designs. These classic designs will go with any holiday decor. Follow their lead and embellish the towels with fabrics that coordinate with your holiday decorations.

You can see some of thd design details more clearly in the detail photo of 3 towels Maisie stitched for us for days 1, 4 and 9.

Price: $9.98 each plus shipping

A Gentle Life pattern
Sku #: 212508
See a larger photo.
By Threads that Bind
The A Gentle Life pattern is a 7" x 32" embroidery with wool applique. It features a woman and her sheep and the bible verse "She seeketh wool and flax and worketh willingly with her hands" from Proverbs 31:13 .

Price: $8.98 each plus shipping

Our Promise pattern
Sku #: 212507
See a larger photo.
By Threads that Bind
The Our Promise pattern is a 7" x 32" embroidery with wool applique. The wool applique flag is embroidered with the words "I Pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America".

Price: $8.98 each plus shipping

Embroidery & Crazy Quilt Stitch Tool
Sku #: 211009
By Judith Baker Montano
The Embroidery and Crazy Quilt Stitch Tool is a great reference book for stitches with tips on needles and lots of illustrations. It has a convenient spiral binding and even stands up for easy use. It has 180+ stitches and includes illustrations for left handed stitchers as well.

We are temporarily out of stock.  
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