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New Neat Stuff
Newest Neat Stuff
Want to see what weíve added recently to our online catalog Neat Stuff categories? Be sure to check out this section

Tuffet Source Pattern
"Stuffed" Stuff
There are so many fun things to make that arenít a quilt, a purse, or a garment. We are adding a new group called "stuffed" stuff! Enjoy what you see and know you will want to stuff something, too.
You will also find our "stuffed" animals in this group. We carry animals that work with our fabric themes, so you will find quite a variety mixed in this group.

Creations of Kerrville Quilt Model Even Weave
Finished Stuff
We are often asked about purchasing our models. We have decided it is time that we made some of these wonderful items available.
These are all one of a kind and will be taken down when sold. This is one of those spots you need to check back often to see if your favorite quilt, bag, pillow, or wall hanging is here.

Sew Many Creations Prima Diva
Purses, Bags and Totes
We love the recent trend towards creating your own purses, bags, totes and electronic device covers. There is just not a much simpler way to show off your creative style without investing excessive time or money! When you walk through the Creations store and see our clothing models, youíll almost always find a stylish coordinating purse or bag swinging from the arm of the garment. Our Purses, Bags and Totes page highlights some of our favorite, most versatile patterns. If weíve created a model of the item, we show it here, so be sure to look for a "See additional images" link to see the pattern/book cover or additional views.

Douglas Toys for Creations Owl Group
Give a Hoot
Owls are everywhere...from stitchery to fabric to embroidery. Each has such a darling personality. Hope you will enjoy our selection of owls.

Shannon Martin Card SM535
Shannon Martin Greeting Cards
The Shannon Martin greeting cards combine funny, vintage photos (in sepia tones) with witty greetings for birthdays, anniversaries, and more. We are always amazed at the clever captions and sentiments expressed in these cards. Our customers canít seem to get enough of them, so we keep well-stocked.
Shannon Martin cards are printed in the USA with soy-based inks on 100% recycled, acid-free paper made with 100% certified renewable energy. Our mothers would be proud!

Peg Conley cards
Peg Conley Cards
Peg combines her two favorite mediums, Words & Watercolors, to express her unique view of the world. We love her sentiments and the artwork is very special. Hope you will enjoy this line of cards as much as we do.
There is additional artwork on the inside of each card. This additional touch makes the cards even more special.

Renaissance Ribbons display at Creations
Renaissance Ribbons
Beautiful ribbons from Renaissance Ribbons feature imagery by some of the most well known fabric designers like Kaffe Fassett and Sue Spargo. They make great embellishments for your quilting, sewing and crafting projects.

We have dozens of wonderful ribbons ranging from 1/2" wide to 2" wide that will be great for purses, home decor and all sorts of projects. They are 100% polyester making them washable and perfect for all sorts of projects.

Silk display
Silk Fabrics
We just love the special extra touch that you get when you add silk dupioni to a quilting or sewing project. They have such a beautiful shine and texture, but be sure to back them with "french fuse" interfacing so they donít ravel.
We love the plaids as well as the solids.

K.Bell Socks Quilting Girl White
K.Bell Socks
We love socks, and the K.Bell brand stands for quality. Itís the only one we carry.
These are all womenís novelty socks.

Fun Project using Texture Magic
Fun Project Ideas
Weíre often inspired by the patterns and fabrics we carry to create some "Neat Stuff". Many of these projects are quick to create so we think youíll love them for accessorizing an outfit, decorating your home or creating some great gifts!

In our Fun Project Ideas section youíll find some of our favorite project ideas with links to the patterns and fabrics we used to create them.