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Creations carries clothing patterns and books by some of the most popular independent pattern companies. We especially like patterns that are well suited to the Linens, Cottons, Rayon Batiks and knit fabrics that we love to use for clothing.

Tips for Using Laminate Fabrics
Sewing with these laminated fabrics is not difficult, but we have a few tips for success to share.
  1. Lengthen your stitch to about 3 -- too short and it will perforate the fabric.
  2. Select a simple pattern as it does not ease well.
  3. Cut your pieces single layer, right side up so the fabric does not slip.
  4. Pin inside the seam allowance as pins might leave a pin hole in the laminated area.
  5. Use a size 12 sharp pointed needle.
  6. Use either a teflon coated presser foot or roller foot, especially when topstitching to prevent "drag" of the presser foot.
  7. Use a damp sponge to clean or machine wash using cold water on the delicate cycle, then air dry.
  8. DO NOT touch the iron to the RIGHT side of the fabric. Press on the wrong side with a warm iron, laminated side down using a press cloth.
  9. Seams will not press open so you might try top stitching the seams.