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Sue Spargo Pre-cut wool kit Bird and Tree       Sue Spargo Pre-cut Wool Bird & Tree
Sku #:323719

Sue has brought us a 6" pre-cut wool kit so that we can play with all the fun threads and stitches she has introduced us to.
The kit contains all the pre-cut wool and background to make a 6" block
She tells you the exact matches for the wool thread and embellishment thread to purchase. The kit even shows you how to do the stitches and where they are used. It also includes little cards with pictures of how to complete the suggested stitches.
Sue tells you which needles you need and what thread they go with.
We carry all her threads and needles, so get your kit, check your stock and order what you are missing.
Bird & Tree Colorway 4

Price: $14.99 each + shipping