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New wool
Newest Wool Stuff
If you are curious to see the newest additions to our Wool Stuff categories be sure to check this section.

Sue Spargo Fresh Cut
Sue Spargo Wool, Thread, Books & Needles >>
We love Sue and her work. We carry many of her books and patterns as well as her new pre-cut wool kits.
We also have her mill dyed wool in the 60 colors to match her wool thread.
We stock her Eleganze Perle Cotton sizes 8, 5, 3 as well as her Perle Rayon amd Dazzle.
Be sure you have her book "Creative Stitching" Second Edition. You will need this book to show you just how to make her stitches as well as which needles to use with which thread.
If you have the first edition of Creative Stitching, you will want to add this book also as there are new stitches and new needles to go with the new sizes of thread.

Hatched and Patched Pincushion Larry Lamb
Wool Patterns and Books
Creations carries an assortment of patterns and books focused on creating wool projects like wall hangings, table runners, and quilts.

Primitive Gatherings 5
Wool Pre-cuts
With wool applique, you often need just a small piece of wool, and our pre-cut section will help you get that variety.
You will find the Primitive Gatherings 5" charm squares of wool in lots of colors here.

Wooly Lady wool at Creations Turquoise
Woolylady Hand Dyed Wool
Woolylady produces some beautiful hand-dyed wools. The colors of these wools are wonderful and the "splotchy" areas add to their interest and appearance. We offer these wonderful mottled hand dyed wools in two sizes: 25"x16" fat quarters and 6"x16" small rolls.
Please note that if you order the small rolls, we canít promise just which "splotchy" part you will get, but we can promise that all the pieces are gorgeous.
Also remember that hand dyed wools will vary in color.

Marigold Hand Dyed Wool Bundle by Mary Flanagan
Mary Flanagan Hand Dyed Wool
Mary Flanagan has a way with wool! She puts together the most gorgeous combinations of wool textures into her bundles. Most of these are also over-dyed to create bundles of coordinating fabrics in luscious colors.
If you love the wool, you will love what you get, but the colors will most likely not be exactly what you see on line.

Marcus Brothers 100% wool 57717-119 Sea
Wool Yardage
We now have 8 colors of 100% wool fabrics by the yard. You can use these as a base for any applique project, or just made a wool garment. They are not felted, but are very tightly woven.

wool kit from Creations
Wool Kits
Our Wool Kits page features kits for Home Dec projects like wool applique wall hangings and pillows. These kits pair felted wool fabrics with wool patterns or books and the styles range from Folk Art to Contemporary. Wool is especially nice to work with for applique projects because the edges donít fray.