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Looking for the newest additions to our selection of Sewing Fabrics? Check out our Newest Sewing Fabrics section.

Tremont Pattern by Sewing Workshop
Clothing Projects
Looking for inspiration for a clothing project? We love to create model garments to showcase ways to use some of our favorite fabrics and clothing patterns. Throughout our store youíll find model garments displayed as complete ensembles - usually even accessorized with purses and hats. In this section youíll find some of our Womenís Clothing models with links to the patterns and fabrics we used to create them.

Silky Noil 39423 18
Silky Noil by Telioí Fabrics
We have discovered a new fabric that we just love. It is a combination of 65% Rayon and 35% Linen. This gives it a great texture, but yet the drape of rayon. This fabric has some weight to it so itís not "whispy" like an all rayon.
The best part of this fabric is that its card is machine wash and machine dry. If you take it out right away, it is almost wrinkleless! (Is that a word?) If not, you know what we mean.
Since we have gotten this fabric, we have made 3 garments and have two more coming. Itís so hard to tell about fabric if you havenít touched it, so we have really put these fabrics online for those customer who purchased it in the shop to get additional colors.

Sew Batik Rayon Legacy Lake
Rayon Batiks
Rayon Batiks are one of our favorite clothing fabrics and we have carried them in the shop for over 20 years.
These rayons drape beautifully and will go in the washer and the dryer. We wash on warm and tumble dry on low with a bounce sheet. They come out great.
We always wash before we construct and allow about 1/4yd for shrinkage. Know you will love these fabrics too.

Diamond Textiles Embossed Cotton 4398 Blue
Cotton Fabrics
We have 100% cotton fabrics in this group. Look here for a variety of weights from cotton canvas to cotton lawn.
If you want to make a jacket, dress, blouse, purse, or just about anything and you want cotton, this is your spot. You will want to check back here often to see what interesting new cotton fabrics we have added.

Telio Digital Print Linen 40342 01
Linen Fabrics
We love natural fibers and linen is a favorite. We have been thrilled to find Telio out of Canada as they have some wonderful linen fabrics.
Robert Kaufman has a linen/cotton combination called Essex. We have carried this fabric for over 20 years. Linen/cotton is well suited to our Texas weather as it is lightweight and washable.
Another Robert Kaufman fabric is Brussels Washer which is a combination of linen and rayon. You get the best of both - natural fibers and drapability.

Manchester by Robert Kaufman 15373-367
Manchester by Robert Kaufman
Manchester is a woven cotton that has the texture of a linen. It’s a light airy fabric that makes a beautiful "big shirt".

Telio Knit Mirage 39597 01
Knits are back in a big way. Our two favorite suppliers are Telio and Art Gallery. They have a great selection of contemporary prints. We always pre-wash our knits and allow about 1/4yd for shrinkage. Give them a try...youíll love knits again.
We have a wonderful selection of Bamboo knits that you will want to try. Be sure to allow for shrinkage just to be safe.

Wool and Wool Blends
Wool and Wool Blends
Have you been looking for 100% wool yardage? We now have 8 great colors. Itís 44/45" wide.
We also have a rayon and wool blend that is has some drape to it and will make great jackets, or vests.

Shannon Fabrics Minkee  Sea Foam
Minkee Fabrics
Minkee fabrics have been favorites for a long time. They are soft, cuddly and work great as quilt backs or pillow cases.
We have just added some of the new prints from Micheal Miller. They are printed on a shorter plush than our minkee from Shannon so the prints are very clear.

Fireside from Moda 60001-38
Moda Fireside Fabrics
We call Fireside the "adult" minkee. Itís just as soft, but doesnít have the shine of minkee. Itís a great backing for a guy quilt, or anyone who would prefer less shine, and a bit duller color.

These fabrics are 100% polyester and 60" wide.

Silk 53 Sapphire
Silk Fabrics
We carry Dupioni silk in solids and plaids. The dupioni is great for crazy quilters as well as the base for many machine embroidery projects.
We suggest you hand wash this silk before you use it to keep it from water spotting later. Also, we suggest you purcase French Fuse to back the silk to keep it from ravelling.

Double Ikat Bright
Home Dec Weight Fabrics
We carry a variety of fabrics that are heavy enough for home decorating, but we prefer to make garments and tote bags from them. We always wash these fabrics to make them softer and we recommend you do that same. You will want to allow for shrinkage.

Loominous by Anna Marie Horner woah009 Field
Loominous by Anna Marie Horner sewing
These fabrics are handwovens so expect some irregularity in trying to match the plaids.
They have been featured in quilt projects, but we love them for clothing projects. They will loose their sheen once laundered and you want to wash them before using.
These are approximate weight to the Kaffe Shot Cottons, so you might want a can of spray starch by your side if you use them for piecing.

Cambria Duster from Friday Pattern Co
Womenís Clothing Patterns
Wearable projects are our passion, especially clothes that feature easy to sew patterns in beautiful, high-quality fabrics. We love to make model garments from our favorite patterns and fabrics.
We are delighted to see new clothing pattern companies begin to appear.
Be sure to follow the links to our Clothing Fabrics and Specialty categories on the left menu to find our many clothing fabric offerings.

Janet Clare Artisan Apron
Apron Patterns
Aprons gained popularity a few years back and are still going strong! We love the fun styles that have been created and all the embellishment ideas. The styles range from modern to retro. You can really customize an apron to show the personality of the person who will wear it. Best of all, aprons make a great gifts and they arenít that difficult or time-consuming to create.

Olive Ann Designs Easy Peazy Pleats Dress
Childrenís Clothing Patterns
There are some very talented designers out there offering some incredibly cute clothing for children. We offer some of our favorite styles from these designers here. We love to make model garments from these patterns and our cute childrenís fabrics.

American White Pelican reflected 17 inch square cotton sateen panel
Bird Panels
These large bird panels from Artful Lenscapes are printed on a wonderful, soft 100% cotton sateen. The square images are 17" square, perfect for a 16" pillow form, a tote bag, or to use in a quilt. (Note: One image, the Great Blue Heron on Piling is approximately 13" x 25".)

Fabric Designer/Artist Sharon Hull Dinsmore digitally enhances her own photographs to create a "painterly" image that is then printed on fabric. As an avid bird watcher for over 15 years, Sharon loves to spend hours stalking birds with her camera to capture their beauty.

These 100% cotton sateen fabric panels can be machine washed and dried. For best results: Pre-wash and dry before using in a project. Wash carefully by hand or on a gentle or delicate machine cycle using phosphate free detergent. Tumble dry on a low temperature or permanent press setting and remove promptly. Iron on a standard cotton setting, or cooler. Steam may be used. Iron with printed side down.

Please note: the colors of these images will not look identical on the actual fabrics. Colors vary on each computer monitor and always look slightly different on fabric.

We have a limited stock of each bird panel. If we are out of the one you want, it will take about 3 weeks to have it reprinted. We will notify you of their availability.