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Quilting Books
We carry a large selection of quilting books in the store. We offer a selection here of some of our favorites for patchwork, applique, and quilt design.

Pineapple Play
Sku #: 323197
Click here to order the Pineapple ruler by Creative Grid.
Pineapple Play by Jean Ann Wright shows how to use her Creative Grid Pineapple ruler. It features 14 different projects.

Price: $18.95 each + shipping

Artful Improv
Sku #: 318228
Artful Improv by Cindy Grisdela by C & T Publishing
Embrace your creative spirit. Practice improv quilting using 5 ewasy blocks, circles and strip sets. Design with negative space and finish with free-motion texture quilting.

Price: $27.95 each + shipping

Artful Log Cabin Quilts
Sku #: 319583
Artful Log Cabin Quilts by Katie Pasquini Masopust from C & T Publishing.
Follow Katies' straight forward method to create free form blocks for an image. Turn your love of log cabin blocks into an artful experience.

Price: $26.95 each + shipping

Color Play Second Edition
Sku #: 310017
Color Play Second Edition by Joen Wolfrom for C & T Publishing.
This is the essential guide to the art of color. There are over 100 new quilt photos that show how to use color effectively.
This is a must have reference that includes swatches of tints, shades and tones for all 24 colors in the Ives Color Wheel.

Price: $29.95 each + shipping

Double Vision Quilts
Sku #: 316171
Double Vision Quilts by Louisa Smith for C & T Publishing.
Learn layering, texture, and color with no curved piecing. Add three easy techniques to your repertoire for no-stress circles and ovals.

Price: $27.99 each + shipping

Intuitive Color & Design
Sku #: 319845
Intuitive Color & Design Updated Version by Jean Wells for C & T Publishing.
This book contains creative exercises to take your use of color, line and design in dramatic new directions.

Price: $29.95 each + shipping

Sku #: 318853
Jackie Gehring shows you how to master machine quilting with your walking foot.
If free-motion quilting just isn't for you then you really need this book.
Jackie shows over 60 walking foot friendly designs. She will show you how to mark your design and manage large projects.

Price: $28.95 each + shipping

Free Motion Quilting with Angela Walters
Sku #: 212930
Angela Walters shows the basic shapes to create great quilting designs. There are step-by-step instructions for continuous line swirls, circles vines and arcs.

Price: $22.95 each + shipping

Shape by Shape
Sku #: 310016
Angela Walters brings us over 70 free-motion quilting designs to use in specific areas or negative space. It features close-up details of stitches designs.
It's a great book if you have the hang of free-motion quilting, but just don't know what to put in the space.

Price: $22.95 each + shipping

Shape by Shape Collection 2
Sku #: 316264
Angela Walters brings us even more free-motion quilting designs to use in specific areas or negative space. It features close-up details of stitches designs. This is a great follow-up to her Shape by Shape book. With both books in your library, you can quilt anything!
It's a great book if you have the hang of free-motion quilting, but just don't know what to put in the space.

Price: $24.95 each + shipping

Beginner's Guide to Free-Motion Quilting
Sku #: 300955
Natalia Bonner starts with the basics so you can get professional quality results on your home machine.
She has tips for choosing batting and threads as well as how to layer and baste. This is a great get started book.

Price: $25.95 each + shipping

Next Steps in Machine Quilting
Sku #: 314606
Natalia Bonner's second book combines a variety of simple straight-line and free-motion motifs to entice the beginner. It includes full sized patterns that can be used for practice or marking quilt top.
This book will open a world of endless variations.

Price: $25.95 each + shipping

Ombre Quilts
Sku #: 402193
Ombre Quilts by Jennider Sampou includes 6 colorful projects to use with her new line of Ombre fabrics from Robert Kaufman.
Jennifer explains how to cut and use ombre fabrics and a bit about the digital printing process. This is an excellent source of information and inspiration to use her new collection, Sky.

Price: $21.95 each + shipping

Organic Applique
Sku #: 400200
Organic Applique by Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession
Everything you need to applique quilts in Kathy's style or you own. Learn to choose fabric and master needleturn. Add to your skills with techniques you haven't seen before. The instructions are simple so even beginners can follow. Practice taking risks in color and design.

Price: $27.95 each + shipping

Adding Layers
Sku #: 307394
Adding Layers Color, Design and Imagination by Kathy Doughty of material Obsession
This book contains 15 original quilt projects. It features various styles, making it appealing to both the traditional and modern quilter.

Price: $24.95 each plus shipping

Mixing Elements
Sku #: 316380
Mixing Elements by Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession
Master the art of mixing fabrics. Go behind the scennes of Kathy's eclectic signature style. Break out of your comfort zone. You will find step-by-step guide to English paper piecing, applique two ways, using wedge rulers, and improvisational piecing.

Price: $24.98 each plus shipping

Fabulous Facades
Sku #: 320409
Fabulous Facades by Gloria Loughman
Quilters of all levels will love the comprehensive attention to elements of design. Practice a unique construction method for graphic quilts that resemble woodblock prints.

Price: $29.95 each + shipping

Radiant Landscapes
Sku #: 302626
Radiant Landscapes by Gloria Loughman
Get stunning results with Gloria's mosaic tile process for capturing the essence of natural light with your fabric selection.

Price: $29.95 each + shipping

Feed Sacks: The Colorful History of a Frugal Fabric
Sku #: 402830
Feed Sacks: The Colorful History of a Frugal Fabric was written by Linzee Kull McCray and inspired Moda's new line Flour Garden.
You will enjoy reading the history of this fabric and be inspired by the ladies who found this to be a creative tool in a frugal time.

Price: $29.99 each + shipping

Curvy Log Cabin Quilts
Sku #: 313096
Click here to order the rulers to go with this book.
Curvy Log Cabin Quilts by Jean Ann Wright for Landauer Publishing.
There are 8 different projects to use with the Curvy Log Cabin rulers which come in sizes 8" and 6".
There are very clear instructons for using the ruler.

Price: $18.95 each plus shipping

Kaffe Fasset's Heritage Quilts
Sku #: 313091
Heritage Quilts by Kaffe Fasset.
This book contains Kaffe's interpration of over 15 antique quilts. We chose the Rustic Checkerboard to make feature in the shop.

Price: $26.95 each plus shipping

Kaffe Fassett's Quilts in Morocco
Sku #: 309564
By Kaffe Fasset
Quilts in Morocco features 20 designs which are shown off against old mosaics, and exotic courtyards. This book is not only a visual treat but is also provides detailed fabric information and instructions for each quilt.
We have kitted and completed Even Weave. Check it out on the kits page or see it on the details page.

Price: $24.95 each plus shipping

Quilts in Italy
Sku #: 317166
Quilts in Italy features 20 designs for patchwork and quilting. The inspiration was drawn from the villages on the Italian Riviera.

Price: $27.95 each plus shipping

Quilts in Sweden
Sku #: 209149
By Kaffe Fassett
Quilts in Sweden will certainly be another hit book from Kaffe. It features 20 beautiful quilts showcasing dynamic colorways from Kaffe's fabric collections with Rowan. The book was photographed at the Skansen Museum in Stockhom, Sweden.

Price: $24.95 each plus shipping

Simple Christmas Tidings
Sku #: 316664
Simple Christmas Tidings by Kim Diehl
This book features scrappy quilts and projects. There are more than a dozen festive projects, including a table topper, throw pillow, tree skirt and quilts. The book also contains some of Kim's holiday recipes.

Price: $28.98 each + shipping

One Block Wonders Cubed! book
Sku #: 201630
See additional details and photos.
By Maxine Rosenthal and Joy Pelzmann
From the creators of One-Block Wonders and One-Block Wonders Encore!, we now have One Block Wonders Cubed! This book builds on the popular one-block wonder technique with an emphasis on the cubed designs that appeared in the earlier books.

The Super 60 ruler that is used to make these quilts is available on our details page.

Price: $22.95 each plus shipping

One-Block Wonders
Sku #: 153758
By Maxine Rosenthal
Wow! We have really had fun playing with this popular technique for creating unique, one-of-a-kind quilts. We've made numerous quilts and kits using the techniques in the book. The wonderful thing about these quilts is that each resulting quilt will be unique, even if you use the same fabric over and over.

Price: $23.95 each plus shipping

Art Quilt Collage
Sku #: 318002
Art Quilt Collage by Deborah Boschert from C & T Publishing.
Tell you own artistic store with colors, materials and beloved symbols. Use Deborah's uncomplicated visual guide to fabric collage with practice pieces to help you gain expertise.

Price: $27.95 each + shipping

Charmed & Dangerous
Sku #: 163534
Charmed & Dangerous by Heather Mulder Peterson for Anka's Treasures
We love the quilt featured on the cover which is 4 Patch Fusion. We used just one 2 1/2" strip roll, fabric for the background, border and binding. We used only the background as our border so the quilt finished about 56" x 56".

Price: $13.00 each + shipping

Quilt Lovely
Sku #: 313093
Quilt Lovely by Jen Kingwell
Jen brings you 15 amazing new quilt designs and nine quilt projects that use a variety of techniques.
You will find full-size paper patterns to make templates.

Price: $26.99 each + shipping

Simple Sashiko
Sku #: 400928
Simple Sashiko by Susan Briscoe
This book contains 8 Sashiko sewing projects for the modern home.

We will have sashiko thread, needles and pre-printed background in stock in late July.

Price: $12.99 each + shipping