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All Cotton Batiks
Batiks blend beautifully together regardless of which manufacturer they came from, so this option lets you page through all of the batiks at once, regardless of manufacturer.

However, for your convenience, we’ve also subdivided our Cotton Batik Fabrics section into categories based on manufacturer.

If you have a very specific fabric you are looking for, consider using our search tool at the top of the page to search our entire catalog by manufacturer #.

Hoffman Bali Chop R2257 414
Hoffman Batiks
Hoffman is the absolute leader in the production of Batiks. They have been bringing in batik fabrics longer than any other supplier we have. We are never disappointed with their selection and we know you will love their quality.

Robert Kaufman Elemental Batik 14323 71
Robert Kaufman Batiks
Our Robert Kaufman 100% cotton batiks range from rich autumn colors to striking jewel tones. The batik designs include both abstract designs and realistic imagery.

Anthology Batik 16018
Anthology Batiks
Anthology Batiks once known for their great color shadings now has wonderful colorful chops. The new group Color Stories is worth a look.

Island Batik Large Leaves Blue
Island Batik
Beautiful 100% cotton batiks from Island Batiks come in a wide variety of styles and color.

Timeless Treasurers Tonga Batik B4548 Azure
Timeless Treasures and Moda Batiks
Both of these companies have a great selection of brightly colored batiks. Hope you will enjoy browsing both companies.