Quilting cottons in Creations Quilt Shop
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Creations offers a huge selection of quilting fabrics, patterns, books, kits and tools. This section features the Quilting Patterns, Books, Kits and Tools. Click the Quilting Fabrics link to the left to get to our 100% cotton, quilting weight cottons.

Sewing projects
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Creations carries clothing patterns and books by some of the most popular independent pattern companies. We especially like patterns that are well suited to the Linens, Cottons, Rayon Batiks and knit fabrics that we love to use for clothing.

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Notions and Tools
Our online Notions and Tools section offers some of the tools, threads or notions that are suggested for various projects we have included in our online catalog.
We carry a wide selection of sewing tools and notions to make your sewing project easier but we don’t offer all of these online. However, we are happy to help you by telephone or email if you are looking for something special.

Sue Spargo wool and thread
Wool Stuff >>
Hand-dyed and Mill-dyed wool fabrics have inspired many a gorgeous quilt, wall-hanging or pillow. Our Wool Stuff page showcases some of our favorite Wool patterns and books by some of our favorite designers.
You’ll find some of our favorite collections of hand-dyed wool fabrics from WoolyLady and Mary Flannagan on our Hand-dyed Wool pages.
We have a whole section for Sue Spargo’s wools, thread, books, patterns, and needles

Bird Brain Bird House Garden Hand Embroidery
Hand Stitchery
Hand embroidery is a great way to slow-down and relax a bit. We like the simple, yet elegant imagery and sentiments found in many hand stitchery designs. This page features our hand embroidery books and patterns as well as some quilt patterns that showcase hand embroidery designs. (Please note, if you are looking for wool hand work, click the Wool Stuff link on the left menu.)

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Machine Embroidery >>
We love the gorgeous designs and threads available now for embroidery machines. Online we offer our some of the best embroidery design CDs we’ve found. We also showcase some of our favorite "blanks" including linen or cotton hand-towels for stitching these designs.

Be sure and look at the Smith Street Designs pin cushion CDs. They make great gifts and we have the inserts for both the round and square.

Be sure that you know the hoop size of your machine and if the CD is compatible as the software is not returnable.

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Neat Stuff >>
We often find fabrics, books, and patterns that are great for projects for decorating the home as well as wearable accessories like aprons, scarves, purses, bags, totes and more. In our Neat Stuff category you’ll find our Shannon Martin cards, Renaissance ribbons, silks and purses and now tuffets.

Creations bluebonnnet
Celebrate Texas
Over the years, Texas (and western) themed merchandise has been very popular with both our in-store and online customers. So, we’re always on the lookout for great Texas themed fabrics, quilts, embroidery, books, cookbooks and more. We’ve corralled all these into one website page to make them easy to find.

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Highlighted Collections >>
You will find fabrics or patterns that we have featured in our newsletters in this group.
You can always check here to see what we love.

Creations Gift Card
Gift Cards
Does someone on your gift list just love fabrics, embroidery, quilting or sewing? If so, we have a perfect solution - give them a Creations of Kerrville gift certificate! You can order it here via our online shopping cart system or by telephone - your choice.

Our Gift Cards are available in amounts from $25 - $500, just use the convenient selector to specify the desired amount.

We can mail the Gift Card directly to the Recipient if you’d like.
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